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Shelby Foster

Ninety-four-year-old Iris Apfel is many things – extraordinary accessorizer, shrewd businesswoman, interior designer, and a fashion icon in her own right. She is also one of the faces for Pirch’s new advertising campaign. 

What could a bespectacled nonagenarian have in common with a luxury home appliance store?

A lot, it turns out.

Just as Apfel extends far beyond the typical notion of someone in their ninth decade, Pirch takes home shopping to the next level, with a “try before you buy” mentality in a carefully curated environment with over 30 interactive vignettes. The new advertising campaign, featuring Apfel and many other notable tastemakers, launches in tandem with the opening of an impressive 32,000 square foot flagship showroom in Soho, New York, this Saturday, May 21.

Each image depicts the tastemakers experiencing different luxuries of the home, from a beautifully-equipped kitchen to a serene bathroom spa. The campaign highlights the fact that they are “more than” ordinary members of the design, culinary, real estate and fashion communities.

In a cheeky example, Apfel is shown lounging in a bubble bath. Her tagline reads, “It’s just a store, like I’m just an old lady.”

Nate Berkus, the strapping interior designer and author, stands in an LG Studio kitchen with “It’s just a store, like I’m just a decorator,” inscribed below him.

Apfel and Berkus top the list of tastemakers chosen for the campaign, which also television personality Padma Lakshmi, restauranteur Geoffrey Zakarian and real estate mogul Luis Ortiz.

We can’t help add our own twist to the campaign: “It’s just a store, like NorthPark is just a mall.”